Always stay simple & powerful

Via browser is a lite browser with powerful functions. Designed on geek thinking. Make hard things Simple. All is for your browse experience.

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Simple & Speed

We want to bring you a brilliant experience. The lite & fresh design, keep your browse purely. And we want it to be the most efficient one. So there are no feeds, no splash. Via is just a quiet browser.

Customized & Extensible

All things decided by yourself. You can change the homepage to your style at any time. Via also contains some powerful tools, like ua switch, desktop mode, and etc.


Small Yet Powerful

Various tools, satisfy your wants

Efficient AdBlock

Visit your favorite website with no ads

Geek Best Choice

Make hard things simple, and max efficiency

Neat Lover Enjoy

Lite and fresh, refuse bothered


So amazing, adfree, lightweight. Best in its category.

Nick Stone

Extremely lightweight, Thing I like the most is picture mode for reading manga online that featured one-page reading.

Ujang Boyor

Super fast, very stylish and great to use. Not to mention that it has a great built in adblocker.

Bharat Bhushan