Via Browser Privacy Notice

Uploaded November 26, 2018


We at Via Software as ("Via") take your privacy seriously. Learn how to control the information that's collected, stored and protected when you use the Via browser on your mobile device. The exact set of data we collect, its purpose and you opt-out choices depend on service you use. Please refer to service sections of this privacy statement to learn more specific details. Some of the data we collect may be considered personal. We treat this data in a special way, as required by law. And we’ll always respect your decisions for how your data is used. When we update this privacy statement or how we use your personal information, we will notify you either by making a notification on our web site and introduction of Via browser. From time to time, our privacy notice may change, so please review it periodically.

Why do we collect data?

We only process your data to objectively justified by our products and services. We process this data with respect to your fundamental right to privacy, including the need to protect personal integrity and private life and to ensure that your personal data is of adequate quality. Unless otherwise stated, we determine the purposes for and manners in which your data is collected.
The purpose of we collect data:
Improve, debug, and maintain Via browser and services.
Do simple statistics and collect error exception when user encountered force close(FC)
Fulfill legal requirements
Conduct business analysis and research, and marketing campaigns
Ensure better security and protection for users

What data do we collect?

The information we collect may include: personal data, for example your IP-address, location; and non-personal technical data, for example your Wi-Fi connection, network connection. You can find detailed descriptions in our Explanation of Via For Android Permission. We do not collect your personal identifiable information when you using our product, such as name, phone number.

How do we collect data?

When you provide it explicitly to us;
When you use our products and services;
Via browser require your phone status and identity for getting user’s android device info to do simple statistics and collect error exception when user encountered force close. When your browse some web which may require your personal data to do service.

How do we protect your data?

We treat your personal data as required by law. We are a Chinese group and we follow Chinese data-security laws as well as other national legislation. And our suppliers successfully pass security assessments and prove their compliance with applicable laws and industry standards. Our commitment to your privacy does not extend to third-party products and services you may access from via browser and services.

How do we share your data?

As described elsewhere in this statement. Some of our products and services include third-party technology or code that may use the collected data. We may share anonymized and/or aggregated sets of data with our partners and other trusted third parties.

What else you should know

We aim to be transparent as to what data we collect and how we use it. Your rights are not limited to consent. If you’ve provided personal information to us, you may change or modify this information at any time.

Contact information

If you still have any question about your privacy, you can contact us. And we will reply to you as soon as possible.